Cycling is something I have loved since I was a kid. I spent most of my childhood riding around the neighborhood on my bike. As I got older and time become a more precious commodity, time to ride diminished.

A few years ago I began cycling again, juggling life and getting miles in. It helped that I began to commute to work by bike, which helped my overall health greatly as well. Then I moved further away from work, so biking to work wasn’t as easy to do each day. Then the kids needed to go to school… hard to take them when I am on the bike.

Then I learned about Zwift. I initially learned about it through my coach (I was training for a half-Ironman) who really didn’t recommend Zwift. I decided to check it out anyway, and it was a game changer. It made indoor cycling not just manageable, but fun.

As crazy as it may sound, I now ride mostly on Zwift. Simply for convenience. I don’t have to leave the family, and an hour ride is exactly that, an hour ride. No transporting the bike somewhere, meeting up with a group and then riding. Often an hour ride could easily be two or more hours. Which is great socially, but not great when time with family is already so limited.

As the kids get older I will get outside more, but for now Zwift has become a great platform for keeping my legs strong and my body healthy as I continue to work at improving my overall health.