Here are the tools I am currently using to track and perform my workouts.

Wahoo Kickr Bike – This has been a revolutionary training tool. I had been using a Wahoo Kickr with my road bike on it, and was happy with the performance and function. I decided to upgrade after selling my house. I got the Kickr Bike as an upgrade, to reward myself and am so glad I put this tool into my arsenal. It can be adjusted and configured for multiple people to use, and it feels real. No gears or chain to maintain. No taking the bike on or off. Just jump on and ride.

Zwift – This is the online platform I use with the Wahoo Kickr Bike. The community and gamification of indoor riding makes riding indoors a great experience.

Apple Watch Series 7 – This is not the tool I would recommend for tracking a triathlon. However, I have found this watch is functional for daily runs and workouts. It tracks steps well and provides a ton of analytic data that can be used with third party apps to provide a lot of insight into your overall health. When I do a Triathlon again I will get my Garmin Forerunner 935 back on my wrist for the race.

Strava – If it isn’t on Strava did it really happen? I guess I have believed this mantra since I first started running. Strava has every run and bike ride I have done since 2010 on it. Strava also provides a lot of analytics and graphs that are helpful to determine trending fitness and comparisons to past performance.

TrainAsOne – I have just recently added this tool to my training. This tools builds a daily and weekly running routine for me to achieve my goals. The runs it asks me to do are not what I would have expected, many being shorter and slower than I expected. However, it appears to be helping me get faster and increase my endurance well, so I am sticking with it for now.

Hoka One – My Hoka One shoes provide the cushioning that my feet seem to prefer. I have been running in these and a pair of On shoes for the past few years. I recommend these for anyone who gets sore feet over the miles. These may provide just enough extra comfort to help you keep going.